Axigen X3 to X4 Docker upgrade

I upgraded my Axigen deployment from the X3 to X4 containers which required some changes, and there’s still some issues.

The team at Axigen has resolved one of them (TNEF Loading) but we’re still having some SpamAssassin issues.

Forum thread over at Axigen.

Holiday Busy-ness

Well it’s the holidays and as such there’s a million other little projects that have been obstructing hobby jobs and tinkering so here’s a couple of the things we’ve been working on.

First, we made snow out of a few parts from the hardware store, the big air compressor and a pressure washer:

We had to get our Christmas lights hung up;

Then we had to fix an outlet on the front of the house where we connect the Christmas lights as it had gone flaky

And finally we did actually get to work on the RV a bit and replace the door lock:

Van Life – Rehabbing a rusty 22 year old Dodge Ram 1500 Van, Part 11 of Many

Van bed slates were finished before our trip and today, we ordered her mattress (6 inch memory foam short queen). We started on the insulation (taped until the walls going in) and ran wiring for the lights, the fan (Maxx Air 7500K), and outlets.

We then started to get the walls and door panels going, we also setup the solar testing on the back deck since these are old re-used solar panels that originally came on our RV and we removed. Turns out they tested pretty well, in direct sun we were pulling 80W/panel and they’re only 100W rated panels.

Lots of goodies arriving in the mail today and hopeful for lots of work done this weekend. Addtionally, she goes for window tinting on Monday.

Bad kitchen plumbing

So this is an issue on this house that has been around since we bought the house and frankly I should have fixed it a long time ago but, here we are… one of those low items on the list as it only presents an issue every year or so and the duration it takes to resolve it is significantly less than a permanent fix.. At any rate, I made a video so that people can understand that if you add a garbage disposal, take care in understanding your drain elevations so you know to either expect this issue or, far preferably; avoid it.